Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ahlan..Namaste..and Welcome

I didn't intend to have a very ostentatious intro as I've only greeted you by saying "Welcome" in 3 different languages like that of Arabic,Hindi and English respectively. The Arabic 'influence' comes from my 20 years of residing in the capital city Riyadh of Saudi Arabia. Despite being of Indian origin, I embraced this atmosphere as though it were my home country. Although having acknowledged my base is that of a democratic country, being born and raised in a male dominated society like Saudi, never brought about an overwhelming culture shock....well that was until I grew up to a critical stage called TEENAGEHOOD. Oh yeah as repulsive as it sounds, you don't want to mess with these hormones,specially when it happens to be of a girl who's grown up with a pro active routine of school sports,dance and outdoor recreation. Thankfully one hobby, preceded the odds and took me places. Eventually I joined college after a taxing but thoroughly active school life.

Sketching grew upon me as a hobby, evolved as a talent over the years and joining an Animation course at Whistling Woods International,Mumbai,India in 2007, not only polished my drawing skills, but gave me a broad overview of an industry that required agility,passion, energy and zeal.....ah! so me! =D . . . Im talking about film making.

As my blog title suggests, I'm on the learning curve and hence I choose to study further and engage myself in more student projects in the future and then construct my building blocks up towards the industry......ok..*phew* it's like climbing 3 story's of my 'elevatorless' building. Well at least, people would stop nagging me with their, "Why are you so thin???"...and the inhaling hisssssssing sound of aunties followed by "BETA YOU DONT EAT KYA?".....*grumbles* . .ANYHOW a long way up the hierarchy and that's why I'm wanting to diversify my experience in all kinds of projects involving -designing, films both of animation and live action, managing, conceptualizing and other departments-.

Apart from my field revolving around films/animation and media, my mantra for a peace of mind is dancing. Be it bedroom, hall room,bathroom, my hands and legs have a mind of its own. Can't be static for long. *Sigh* a story which I'll perhaps narrate in one of my future blogs.

Alrighty then, the purpose of this blog is to gain all the necessary feedback and valuable inputs for my work which includes mainly Digital paintings and designs. I shall update the blog with more work time and again. Be sure to visit my blog from time to time as the response would prove a great asset for me. Thanks for taking time out for the never ending 'Intro'.

PS: All artwork is Copyrighted. :)

Waiting for your feedback =)


  1. Dear sister, the lay out is much more attractive. I suggest you to add more pictures in the blog

  2. thx for browsing Balu. As of now the blog is still under construction. I shall put up my work soon and hopefully have a better layout. Thx again.

  3. hi)
    sorry 4 my interst, but I was really impressed by your main photo. Want to ask, if it is your work or not?

  4. Thx for the early visit to my blog :) though I'm still to upload my work. The photo is actually a random one taken by a friend on a beach. I shall upload some of my photography soon.