Thursday, November 18, 2010

A fresh start towards the end

It's been over a month since I've joined the Birmingham Institute of Art & Design and to be honest, adjusting to the system wasn't surprisingly a cakewalk. Unlike my previous Film Institute in Mumbai, which I attended 7 days a week during my 2nd year, BIAD and the city itself has it's own unique functionality. University is shut over weekends, lectures run only 2-3 times a week which gives us ample time for 'self directed' study, shops start closing around 5 pm and yes, I've started chasing buses! But all in all, it's been a learning experience every single day and I hope to adapt wholly to the independent lifestyle.

 Living in a student household with my brother and other friends, I walk a tightrope of responsibility between daily chores( cleaning,cooking etc) and college assignments. It's a laborious balancing act specially after being really pampered but it's the only way one can learn to be self reliant at times. Of course, I've been homesick very often when the day and city seems bleak at times. But thankfully, home is just a 'skype' away! 

But coming back to my purpose, University has been fun in terms of work. The assignments are constructive to the extent I'm likely to break open my head like a Spanish 'Pinata' which may or may not always produce the goodies. Like today for instance, the creative juices just didn't seem to flow. So in order to feel less guilty of having wasted my time, I'd rather do something else productive that could help accelerate my thought process. Hence, I decided to update my blog. Now, that's another story. It was only after a few weeks of and adjusting to the college system and sleepless nights that I realized the importance of a blog...yeah, today of all the days when I have a submission due about almost 4 weeks from now. But better late than never! I'm glad I took this night off to organize my 'ancient but not so extinct' blog. It's been a long night and I have an early day tomorrow, so might as well crash in! Work in progress to be updated A.S.A.P. Yallah bye! :)

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