Friday, November 19, 2010

TASK 2 Contd- Visual treats

To get into the rhythm of this task, I decided to look for some inspiration to ignite that spark (Rhyming sheerly unintentional!) . Below are some of the videos from which each gave me something to critique and think about.

What I love about this short is the interpretation of the 'bumping' sound from 2 'extreme' points of views. The protagonist (child)  comprehends it as a paranormal source, whereas the storyteller makes the revelation of a 'raunchy' activity. Therefore, I enjoyed the contrasting interpretations.

One cartoon which always had a marathon of sound effects and follies.

One of the most brilliant stop motion animation short  I watched at a screening back in India. I couldn't imagine how beautifully an inorganic object like that of a 'sock' or a pair of 'jeans' could emote without dialogues but just sheer mumbling! 

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