Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Before we conclude...it's Critical Commentary!

Seriously feels like I had just arrived yesterday. But the term is nearing completion! It's my first submission tomorrow for this module. 

The narrative module was probably what I most looked forward to every week as storytelling and conceptualizing has been one of my dormant interests. In addition to my prior knowledge of film making, I have learned a lot from my tutors and fellow classmates. This module has been an intense revision for me in the areas of screenplay writing and visual storytelling. The sound clip exercise in particular was a challenging one which had great scope of finding several loopholes to a story. I myself, in particular spent a large chunk of my time in developing the story alone till the very end. It is because as you thumbnail your shots, you simultaneously detect the glitches in your storytelling sequence. My screenplay would have undergone approximately 3 drafts in 'real time' and most of the changes encompasses not only the story itself, but the staging and elements/props in the story. After all, the screenplay is your entire movie in which each word counts because every frame of your movie counts.

I admit my story didn't turn out exactly the way I conceptualized it to be. However, I do feel that the narrative is more complete. Based on the animatic I worked out for my concept, I personally feel I could add more close up shots of certain elements which haven't been stressed on enough. And I may have mentioned this is one of my posts that a storyboard is equivalent to blocking your first stage of animation. Because if the actions/visuals don't deliver, it might just ruin a potentially great story.

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