Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Bigger Picture- USP

Before closing the project, this is where I justify the USP of the concept.

Why this method and how does it relate to students?

On the basis of the 3 main features provided in the brief (Savings, Overspending & Budgeting), I tried to figure out what would be the primary message being conveyed by merging all the 3 features together. Hence, I came up with the idea of Balance. In spite of being given some eminent examples in the brief like that of piggy shopping or rolling in money etc, I decided to go for something from a totally different perspective yet conceptually relevant. 


Also, based on all the material research of ASK Student Services,  I collected excerpts and brochures that talked about the services offered and why as students, we require financial assistance. (ALL RESEARCH INCLUDED IN RVJ). 


Hence, my concept narrowed down to the point of view of a student. What his major expenditures comprise and the mistakes one makes in relation to money management. Again based on research, it all came down to housing tariff, education fees and social life expenditure. As students, they can relate to this scenario and understand the effect of calculating and budgeting their day to day finance which in turn affects their lives and help them recognize their priorities.


Based on opinions taken from certain acquaintances from the University, why the concept works is because it is factual in nature, appealing in terms of stylization and is legitimate.

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