Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So far...


In the midst of the whole production process, I began to understand and utilize techniques that really helped speed up my animation, apart from patience! The idea of hand drawing each frame gave me cold feet because there was no way I could meet the deadline by adopting such a tedious method. Hence, I decided to stick to 'motion tweening' not only for the balancing scale but for the pig as well. I must say, it really put me on the fast track. However, initially while using, it took a lot of mistakes to get it right. But I was affirmative of the whole idea of generating a different style of animation with this technique. 

It wasn't just a plain discovery for a tool I learned to love but as it turned out, I required a non realistic form of animation. Considering the round form of my character, I attempted to give it a very bouncy style of animation which required quite some amount of squash and stretch. Hence, motion tween helped serve the purpose for this effect. Also as the character had to match the movement of the balancing scale in most of the shots, tweening made it all the more easier to animate the eyes, bandaid, ears etc.

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