Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Working on Flash

It's my very first time using Flash and to top it all I've jumped to CS5! It's was beyond intimidating and still is to an extent but thankfully tutorials are saviors! Apart from that I've had some really helpful classmates like Leshika and Richard who've helped solve my technical difficulties. I've made some progress since, however I do get stuck every once in a while but I've actually been learning by the mistakes I've made. Hope to clarify some doubts back at Uni tomorrow. 

But before beginning any of the animation, I got myself a big mount board on which I've put up my whole Plan of Action, the scenes, the shots, the type of shots etc. This in turn helps me cross check my contents and elements as I work on each Scene, making sure I don't miss out anything. I'm starting off by working on the animation of my Balancing scale and the objects that move along with it. This is because I'm using 'Motion Tween' for it's animation which helps work progress faster. Hopefully right after that's done, I get on with animating the Pig. 

Because I'm just learning the software as I work on the assignment, I really need to ensure I adopt a technique that helps put my animation on the fast track. 

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