Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Disney Project

For this module, we have been given the liberty to choose our own project brief to work on. There were a dearth of options on the web out of which I finally settled for what would interest me and favor my area of interest. I've chosen a 'Disney' brief which requires us to create a lead character for an animated cartoon series. In addition to our thought process and final designs, they also require a 30-60 sec animation for our character.

Below are some very insightful 'behind the scenes' videos of a few Disney classics including 'Beauty and the Beast' which is my all time favorite mainly because of the intelligently created characters made out of clocks, candlesticks, tea pots etc etc. A die hard fan I am indeed. These videos were more of a 'motivational source' for me rather than reference. After all, the demands us to be fresh and innovative. These videos really made me empathize with 'real world' obstacles one is likely to face in the industry.

Ad Film Project- Conceptual kickstart

Below are a few adverts I was browsing through to help generate conceptual ideas but understand the scope of technicality as well. This in turn would help me understand what medium of animation would suit our concept better. And I didn't limit myself only to confectionary adverts.

Ad Film Project

- PROJECT TYPE: Group based project (Animators in collaboration with Advertising and Illustration students.)
- OBJECTIVE: To rebrand a confectionary of our choice.
- TASK: Creating an animated advert that rebrands a chocolate/sweet keeping in mind the USP, Strategy and Target Audience.

As the groups had been allotted to us, we commenced the task with a quick visit to the web to acquaint ourselves with the happening products in the existing market and the possibilities. Each of us have then independently done our own visual research on several animated  in order to narrow down to a particular product that would be interesting and fun to experiment with.
OUR WEAPON OF CHOICE: Haribo Super Sour Monsters

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

VIDEO RESEARCH- Chocolate bar Commercials

As the new term kicks off, we have been given an opportunity to collaborate with students from the Advertising and Illustration department, for a group project. We haven't been briefed on our new project venture as yet but as far as we've been told, we shall be rebranding a chocolate bar ( Yeah I grabbed myself a chocolate roll this instant) .

As a little warm up, I've been going through a few commercials that are marketing chocolates. Fun indeed! :D

ETI chocolate bars commercial from Albert Szostkiewicz on Vimeo.
Targeted towards the youth.

Conceptually appealing to children.

A more universal approach specific to the holiday season.

A more experimental approach with Stop Motion. ( Something I could consider for the project)