Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Disney Project

For this module, we have been given the liberty to choose our own project brief to work on. There were a dearth of options on the web out of which I finally settled for what would interest me and favor my area of interest. I've chosen a 'Disney' brief which requires us to create a lead character for an animated cartoon series. In addition to our thought process and final designs, they also require a 30-60 sec animation for our character.

Below are some very insightful 'behind the scenes' videos of a few Disney classics including 'Beauty and the Beast' which is my all time favorite mainly because of the intelligently created characters made out of clocks, candlesticks, tea pots etc etc. A die hard fan I am indeed. These videos were more of a 'motivational source' for me rather than reference. After all, the demands us to be fresh and innovative. These videos really made me empathize with 'real world' obstacles one is likely to face in the industry.

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