Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Disney Project- Animatic

Ad Film Project- Concept Animatic 01

In the midst of the first week of our group project, we decided to individually conceptualize a few ideas and narrow down to 3 for our first presentation. Fortunately, my idea was 1 among the 3 that we had the opportunity to present.

The concept takes us through the journey of 3 ordinary shapes seeking for happiness and excitement in their lives and how their discovery of 3 fruits helped them attain that and spread the happiness to a gloomy boy.
The story takes place in a scenario of a theatre play where the 3 shapes play the main characters under the spotlight.

Things I took into consideration for the concept are on the basis of the product's identity
- Tagline: Kids and grown ups love it so, the happy world of Haribo
- Key word: Happy
- Motive: Haribo makes you happy
- Mascot: 3 monsters in 3 different shapes
-  My Aim: To tell the evolution story of the sour monsters (How 3 ordinary shapes transformed into 3 happy monsters).
- My message: Spread the happiness
- USP: Natural coloring, 3 different fruit flavors, Appeals to kids and adults (wide range)

FEEDBACK (4 of 5 rating)
Out of the 3 faculty members, the advertising tutor didn't happen to find it 'funny'. On the contrary, my intention was to engage the audience in a journey to the happy world and not a funny alien planet. To be honest, I've worked with clients before and they may be the owner of the house but don't necessarily make good landlords. However, what pleased me was when the students were asked to vote for the ideal concept amongst the 3, mine received more than half the votes. Also, I was approached by one of the advertising students who understood my thought process. I'm glad my effort was appreciated even though my group mates didn't necessarily pick my concept to carry forward for the project.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Disney Project- Characteristic research

I felt fusing the walking/running style of a Kiwi bird with my Dodo character would give an interesting kick to the loud and clumsy appearance of the character.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Disney Project- Character Muse

Based on my topic of 'racism' I immediately knew which direction I needed to move towards with my character. My intention is to develop an object or subject that we underestimate or take for granted in day to day life. Some of my most initial examples included a smelly pair of socks, trash bag, light bulb, dirty utensils and even a dull color pencil like the color yellow. In the midst of my character development, I wasn't convinced enough with any of my characters weaknesses. I didn't just want to sympathise with my character but also laugh with him. After all, this is mainly revolving around a comedy cartoon series. I hence decided to think of fantasy creatures like the Lochness monster, a phoenix, dragons, centaurs etc. I finally took the major plunge when I decided to choose a species with a weakness. I decided to choose between a Kiwi and a Dodo Bird. What's good? Both can't fly. There you go I have my weakness. What's better? One of them is extinct. And phoof! I have my character. A Dodo Bird!

Disney Project- Mind Mapping

After a complete spill of mind mapping, I have finally narrowed down 
to an underlying message that I wish to convey through my narrative for this project. Considering all the problems of the world, I shortlisted the issues from the perspective of children. My motive was to
understand what is relevant to the mind of my target audience so that they can relate to events
that are being depicted in my storyline. I have ultimately chosen 'Racism' as my underlying issue which conveys the message through relatable topics like bullying, underestimation and loneliness (issues that children tend to face in their daily life).