Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Disney Project- Character Muse

Based on my topic of 'racism' I immediately knew which direction I needed to move towards with my character. My intention is to develop an object or subject that we underestimate or take for granted in day to day life. Some of my most initial examples included a smelly pair of socks, trash bag, light bulb, dirty utensils and even a dull color pencil like the color yellow. In the midst of my character development, I wasn't convinced enough with any of my characters weaknesses. I didn't just want to sympathise with my character but also laugh with him. After all, this is mainly revolving around a comedy cartoon series. I hence decided to think of fantasy creatures like the Lochness monster, a phoenix, dragons, centaurs etc. I finally took the major plunge when I decided to choose a species with a weakness. I decided to choose between a Kiwi and a Dodo Bird. What's good? Both can't fly. There you go I have my weakness. What's better? One of them is extinct. And phoof! I have my character. A Dodo Bird!

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