Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ad Film Project- Concept Animatic 02

CONCEPT BY: Charlotte
The second concept, developed by one of our group members was based around the concept of the movie 'Rocky'. The idea behind this one is how much the tongue can handle the sourness of the candy. The visuals depict a tongue used as the central character that appears to be working out with weights and boxing with ultimately facing off with one of the sour monsters as his competitor.
FEEDBACK- (2 of 5 rating)
Initially, the central idea did appeal to me considering the fact that the concept prepares the audience for the sour power. It would also give this product an opportunity to explore a different target market like the youth when Haribo is actually renowned for the family audience. However, I'm personally not in love with the visuals. As an audience member, I really wouldn't want to see a detached tongue. I won't take the storyboard into consideration for my judgement as it's a very basic one prepared by one of the advertising students in the group. But overall, I think we could look beyond for a more universal narrative.

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