Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ad Film Project- Updated Animatic

Myself along with Roxy worked on all the camera angles for the storyboard keeping in mind the logic of film language and continuity. All the shots were meticulously planned
with the help of a ground plan that I had prepared. It's purpose was to ensure
we maintain a continuity of props and movement in every shot. Our illustrator then made a clean up over our storyboard sketches.

- Prepared by Myself

Final version

Version 03 - Reaction shot of baby confused is moved towards
                     the last shot

Version 02 - First audio trial
                   - The first shot of the baby mobile has been removed as we felt
                      the duration of the advert was exceeding 30 secs and moreover
                      we were ready to scrap that shot as it was only a suggestion for
                       the ambience. The intention was to have the mobile rattle the moment
                       the baby starts crying.

                   - We've added a close up shot of the boy popping
                       the sweets in his mouth       

Version 01 - Without audio 

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