Monday, May 23, 2011

ADVENTURE- Mood board & Color scheme

Jen was well prepared with evidence of the look and feel she was attempting to achieve. She handed out the referenced relevant to her imagery of her layout designs. This proved to help me deliver exactly what she wanted in terms of style and color palettes. In addition, she too gave me the creative liberty and it felt good to know she would trust my experimentation with colors. At the same time I tried to keep a set of guidelines for myself on the basis of the following references, ensuring I do not totally deviate from Jen's visualization. Hence, I tried to make sure I tried to do justice to her project.
When I asked about her target audience, she mentioned it is of a wide range and mainly my understanding is because of the heart warming, reminiscent and feel good factor of the story. In that case, I'm sure that includes kids as well. And who wouldn't love colors? I tried not to be scared of making dull stormy shades look pretty. Because this isn't a horror tale but an exciting adventure of a little girl. 
Moreover, the girl wears a bright yellow raincoat which stands out as a 'Flash software' work. Hence, Jen didn't appeal to the idea of painting a background that screamed 'Flash animation'! She had specified so from the first email we exchanged and I'm glad she opted for a more painterly effect as that's what I'm here for!!! :)
Jen's illustration for her website, which she provided to
me as she wanted to specify the dramatic effect of the sky. This helped
me understand that she wasn't looking for a conventional gloomy stormy night but something more into the twilight.

Online references provided by Jen where she talked about the triple shade of the grass and the color palette of the bottom most image.

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