Monday, May 23, 2011

ADVENTURE- Style options

 Attempted to go for a more paint dab style for the grass where the strokes are evident and highly
contrasting. In addition I tried to incorporate the triple crisp shade for the grass which was Jens preference.
I'm not fully content about the softness and realistic effect of the cloud. It did not dramatize
the composition well enough for me. The grass tends to stand out more than the sky which
is not what I'm aiming for. 

 I took a chance to experiment with different brushes on photoshop and gave
a painterly style but with a decent amount of sharpness to the to the grassy patch which actually
 looks like damp grass. I made sure that I picked a brush that had jagged edges which would
help me achieve the effect of individual grass strands. I also
gladly managed to blend in blues with purples which was the key
to achieve the dramatic twilight sky. In case of the clouds, I gave it
some playful curves which actually resembles the thick locks of the little girl's hair.
 This was in order to maintain that consistency of style in a logical manner.
I too am personally happy this one.

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