Monday, May 23, 2011

Solitude VS Adventure

As the new module has kicked in, I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to sell my skill sets to our senior batch mates in Animation at BCU. I ensured that I highlighted and touched upon areas like concept art, colors & backgrounds supported with examples of my work as well. 

Right after the presentation, I was approached by 3 of the senior students who were keen on having me work on backgrounds for them. What was even more compelling to me apart from having been 'hired' by these students was the fact that I was given a lot of creative liberty for their requirements. 

Unfortunately, I was unable to help 1 of the 3 students as I already had a huge chunk of work to deliver for the other 2 students who had approached me much earlier before him. It's hard to say no, but the least I could do was offer him to ask me for any opinion on colors and composition whenever he wanted and that I would be available to guide him through it, if not directly work on it.

Therefore, my 2 'clients' would be James & Jennifer who had 2 contrasting set of narratives for their final project. I call it, 'Solitude VS Adventure'.

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