Monday, May 23, 2011

SOLITUDE- Mood board & Color scheme

In order to stay true to the concept of loneliness, I had a vivid idea of what kind of a visual I wanted to display before even researching for mood board references. I tried to blend the idea of sunrise to sunset (which depicts the idea of being low and sad) & the depiction of a single bird of a leafless tree branch(which is very evident of it's solitude).
In addition, I suggested James to animate a flock of birds flying away into the horizon. The same in case of the sun which could be animated from dawn to dusk. In order to discover different mood settings, I then researched and found countless images relevant to my idea which only made it easier for me to put it on the digital canvas.
Judging by the ambience and elements of the room, I've come to understand that the people likely to be drawn to this piece of work would most likely be women who are perhaps elite and sophisticated. Reason being the organized placement of elements like that of the chairs, lamp, elegant photo frames etc. Moreover, the color palette is rather as simple as it can get. White by itself is the simplest form of royalty. In addition it is very psychological for a woman to relate to solitude. By nature, a female is sensitive and emotional. It would easy to translate a black & white imagery which can be worth a thousand perceptions.






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