Monday, May 23, 2011

SOLITUDE- My final piece

Clearly if I had more time in my hands, I would do a lot to improve this image by
giving more preference to the background just as much I gave to the foreground.  I'm happy with the sharp contrast and the use of softer and grey shades for the backdrop was intentional keeping in mind the focus area which is between the bird and the sun. I also chose to paint directly in black & white as it worked out as a good exercise in terms of imagining my own lighting mood from scratch. As a first attempt ever with a black & white digital painting, I am rather pleased to an extent. But yet again, I would surely do a lot to improve on the far background of the image where the mountains can have more shadows along it's surface and the ground can actually look more like a paddy field. I'm glad to have had the creative liberty by James to work on my visualization skills on this project.


  1. this is really nice...!! the shading looks too good... especially the fore ground...!