Monday, May 23, 2011

SOLITUDE- Sample work

In case of James's project, I had to adapt to a different approach considering certain circumstances like his busy schedule of work and other prior engagements. Having my respect for that, I considered this to be a more open brief in comparison to this task. James's requirement was very simple and and direct. Below are 2 screen grabs of his final project where his aim is to showcase his 3D lighting skills. The setup is that of an interior where the focus is on realism. The concept is based on the feeling of 'Solitude' which will be narrated through several objects in the room. 

For instance, the picture frame with the woman, will have a tear drop roll down her cheek. Another object that will be placed in the room will be a magazine or a book with empty pages that will flip. Also static objects like that of the chair alone depict a form of loneliness/solitude. In case, of the picture frames, he will have several hung on the walls of the room and his requirement from me is a realistic picture of a landscape which will also be in black & white like the lady in the picture. So it didn't really matter what colors I used.

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