Thursday, September 29, 2011

SS1- Inspirational Concepts

As a concept, I would like to convey a rather simple message or a lesson through my narrative. Below are a few videos which to me personally have great impact with a simple storyline and message. 

For instance: If I had to break down a significant piece of action from this short for a mini animated sequence, I would cut it down by establishing the character very carefully handling his favorite kite, then being pulled off the ground by the wind, with an expression of cherish on his face which is suddenly wiped out when he let's go near the cliff.

SS1- Initial Proposal

At the onset of this module which allows us to explore a specialist area of animation in depth, I know which direction to head towards. However, I am at a premature inceptive stage of planning my 'content'.

A few personal pointers jotted down while preparing myself for the module:
- Areas of Interest: Story telling, Illustration(Colors), Flash Animation

- Strengths: Illustration & Conceptualizing
- Areas to improve: Flash animation
- Reflection/Action plan: -To challenge narrative & frame by frame Flash animation.
                                 -Attempt to build confidence of my animation skills for SS2.
                                 -Work on a very short yet compelling teaser(30 sec).
                                 -If I carry out a series of animation tests, it won't challenge my narrative well. Hence I could rather have one short compelling piece of action that enables me to improve on my animation principles.