Thursday, September 29, 2011

SS1- Initial Proposal

At the onset of this module which allows us to explore a specialist area of animation in depth, I know which direction to head towards. However, I am at a premature inceptive stage of planning my 'content'.

A few personal pointers jotted down while preparing myself for the module:
- Areas of Interest: Story telling, Illustration(Colors), Flash Animation

- Strengths: Illustration & Conceptualizing
- Areas to improve: Flash animation
- Reflection/Action plan: -To challenge narrative & frame by frame Flash animation.
                                 -Attempt to build confidence of my animation skills for SS2.
                                 -Work on a very short yet compelling teaser(30 sec).
                                 -If I carry out a series of animation tests, it won't challenge my narrative well. Hence I could rather have one short compelling piece of action that enables me to improve on my animation principles.

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