Thursday, October 13, 2011

SS1- Interpretations

I've been given suggestions to look into various 'unconventional narrative structures' which are not only confined to movies or shorts but several other mediums such as games etc. as well.

A short horror game, inspired by the older versions of 'Little Red Riding Hood', set in contemporary time. It comprises of 6 sisters of different ages and personalities who are instructed to stay on 'the path' to their grandmothers house which is set deep, within a forest. This work of art allows the player to live through the tale in different ways either by staying on the path or by diverting and straying into the forest.

A brilliant info graphics interpretation of 'Little Red Riding Hood' through use of Motion Graphics. This technique has been inspired by French motion graphics studio H5's  'Röyksopp- 'Remind Me.

A very artistic form of narrative. A single story involving 2 main protagonists, narrated from both their point of views in 2 different parts. This one is called Lucia which is narrated by the girl herself who concludes that she has been left in abandonment when there is actually 2 sides of the coin to the story (which is narrated by Luis in part 2).

Luis is the follow up of Lucia wherein, the story is narrated by the boy himself from his perspective revealing the real reason why Lucia never heard from him again.

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