Wednesday, November 23, 2011

SS1- Character devpt.

What I have here are developmental stages of my character Harold for my adaptation of 'Harold and the Purple Crayon'. Based on my referencing and research, I have taken the direction of silhouettes and shadow in terms of stylization which is inspired by some of Michel Gagne's style from his work in 'Insanely twisted shadow puppets.'

These doodles that I have made are an exploration of contours in order to help me with the
 first stages of fleshing out a shape for my silhouetted character. I even attempted to give
my 'originally bald' character a hoodie, as you can see in the far right corner.

Over here, I've been trying to relate the shape of the character to
existing forms like that of a stretched carpet, a chess piece and a penguin.
(Sample below)

After narrowing down to a shape that is a morph between the stretched carpet
and a chess piece, I tried adding additional detail like that of the
feet and an opening for the eyes.
Though simplistic, I'm just trying to refine the
shape of the hands and feet.

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