Wednesday, December 7, 2011

SS1- Animatic (Story exposition)

Having worked on the series of thumbnails endlessly, I focused excessively on the opening sequences of my story which is the exposition of Harold's journey. The actual event that caused him to create his own world and run away from the real world. I really felt the need to give a backdrop to my adaptation else I wasn't keen on just simply recreating a children's book without an elaborate storyline. 

Unfortunately, I was unable to finish adapting the entire story except in bits. I have therefore stopped taking my storyboard forward hereon and will move onto tests on 'Flash. Reason being, I spent unnecessarily a major amount of my time perfecting the story when my main aim originally was to focus on animation tests in order to improve my skills on flash. Therefore, my animatic below is only the exposition portion of Harold's story before he runs away from home, using his purple crayon.

Exposition- Animatic from Roshni Kakad on Vimeo.

The story begins with establishing Harold as a mischievous child with his action of scribbling on the wall and is caught off guard when his mother witnesses the same. Evidently she sends him to his room indicating that he's grounded and not too happy about it. Fading into Harold'd room, he is drawing onto a sheet of paper which clearly is indicative of the after effect of his punishment where he isn't drawing on the wall. The purpose of drawing the bird is again a symbolic element which describes freedom. The freedom referred to here is Harold's wish to do as he pleases in his purple crayon scribbled world. Suddenly, when the drawing of the bird comes to life and flies out the window, it is that moment which gives him a reason to ponder over the possibilities of the magic crayon he holds.

The thumbnails below are sequences that follow after the initial exposition. They basically show Harold making another drawing of a dog to convince himself of the magical crayon which causes him to crumple the paper in angst as the dog protrudes out of the paper and barks at him. Being convinced, Harold contemplates an escape by drawing a door on his wall which then creaks open. It is thereon, that his journey of the purple crayon world begins.



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