Wednesday, December 7, 2011

SS1- Comparisons

While working on the rough thumbnails, it was important for me to constantly keep track of the actual visuals from the story in order to take notes and make comparison between the original and my reconstructed version. Specially in the case of visual metaphors, it was actually quite fun to place the image side by side and see the difference.  

In this bit for instance: Harold originally draws a dragon which scares him. However, there is no interaction as such between the two and moreover the dragon wouldn't really be considered as a character from the story.

In my version, I take the scenario of a monster that Harold drew and is chased by it. Or even the case of Harold drawing a UFO which turns out to have an alien flying the craft. The depiction here could be that of perils of the outside world by encountering strangers.

Another key event from the original story is where Harold is trying to find his way home by drawing and climbing onto a mountain which doesn't have another side to it, causing him to fall mid air.

I replace the mountain with a staircase that leads to the direction of the moon. Reason being, in the backdrop of my story, Harold actually runs away from home by drawing a door with his purple crayon. It therefore, didn't make any sense to have a mountain, so a flight of steps was a better option to match with a door. That door then leads him to a blank space where he creates an ambience for himself by drawing the moon while the door shuts behind him. The reason why the door is placed at the top of the staircase is because of Harold's recollection of where the moon was exactly placed when he ran away from home. 

However, it's in this very sequence where Harold takes a fall originally.

 I decide to do the same but instead of having a mountain without another side to it, my staircase won't have another side to it. Hence when Harold passes through the door at the top of the staircase, he takes a tumble and falls mid air and loses his crayon.

In the original story, while falling, Harold manages to save himself by drawing a hot air balloon and landing to safety. However, I decide to use the technique of a match cut from Harold falling mid air to Harold falling off his bed, turning out that he just woke up from a bad dream. Rather than showing Harold solve his own problem, I decided to create the ending in a way that brings to him a sense of realization that he shouldn't have run away from home in the first place. At the same time, I didn't want the effect to be that of a sad ending. Therefore, as cliched as it may be, having him wake up from a nightmare was better than having an audience of kids cringe over Harold's misery of falling and having a fade out before he breaks his bones!

Certain shots, I've redesigned are done in a way to help those who have actually read the book, to draw reminders from the actual story wherein the elements have just been replaced, in attempt of trying to stay close to the story theme as much as possible.

When Harold actually remembers that his room window was always right around where the moon was, that visual only gave me a better reason to instead have Harold draw the door in my story. The same door which he took off from was the very same that he expected to lead him home. In a way, it all made sense to me as he draws the door from his room to escape and run away and searches for that very door he came from. I somehow didn't see any reason to have him fly a hot air balloon and discover a city with numerous buildings and suddenly hit with realization as to where his house was. I think he was better off with a punch from a nightmare to bring him to realization. Yes, I have been mean to my character! But he had to learn it the hard way!

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