Wednesday, December 7, 2011

SS1- Line tests

Initially, my aim was to produce either one of 2 versions of an animation. A 5 second clip depicting an action from my story or a 10-15 second trailer clip. However, given the time constraints, I reflected back upon one of my learning outcomes which was to improve on my animation skills. At this stage of the project, I didn't want to go back to working on my thumbnails and storyboard to perfect the story in order to create a trailer. Hence, it was best I stuck to micro projects like that of line tests which would allow me to explore frame by frame animation on Flash which isn't my strongest skill. Therefore, below are a few animation line tests I worked out on Flash comprising of basic movements just to familiarize myself with the production time on flash and overcome my fear of frame by frame! 

I created a basic walk cycle for my character which goes on 8 fps, to give it a more medium and cartoon like walk. Unfortunately couldn't work out a loop on this for some strange reason. 

Generally, a short legged character could work out a super fast run cycle on 6 frames and I decided to stay on a frame rate of 6. However, in the midst of my animation I somehow naturally inclined to exaggerating the legs to form stretches, which wasn't really the intention based on the structure of my character. The outcome was that of a very broken run with too much spacing. 

Clearly, the run of long legged characters works better on a higher frame rate of 8 and therefore, I changed it accordingly which gave me a much smoother output. Lesson learned, don't pull out an extra limb from the character while animating!!!

I decided to work on a piece of action from my adapted story where Harold is beginning
to draw a door with his crayon in order to escape from his room. The piece was particularly tricky in terms of getting the arc of the hand movement precise.

I have just added the basic contour structure of my character to the previous line test
to match the movement more precisely and maintain the accuracy of the body shape. This was relatively successful compared to the run cycle wherein I elongated the legs more than required.

A rather unsuccessful piece of line test where I was quickly trying to capture the
gesture of Harold scribbling on the wall. However, this was at the initial stage when my design 
for the character wasn't finalized.

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