Monday, February 6, 2012

SS2- Statement of Intent


My final project will establish myself as a Concept Artist and a Digital Matte Painter.
The aim of the project is to have a finished piece of an Animated Concept Art that comprises of my visual skill sets. The storyline will be inspired' by events and elements from William Shakespeare's 'Macbeth'. This is to enable me in working out a meaningful story line using 'thematic inspiration' from the play. Therefore, my final narrative would be a more simplified storyline with new set of characters and environments that I will develop.

I will attempt to create a series of 2D conceptual imagery that will tell a story,
supported by camera movement and animated elements within each imagery to carry the narrative forward.

The final output will be an animatic of my concept art that will (hopefully!) convey a story in a logical sequence.


As a visualizer and digital matte artist, it is imperative to have a technical hands on 'Compositing' for a scene whether the elements are 2D, 3D or a combination with Live-Action. I will carry out a few tests on Adobe Aftereffects software to familiarize myself with the technique of compositing. This will eventually help me compose my visuals with the animated elements in those shots.

In additon, I will also test out suitable color schemes for my story by roughing out beat boards. Concept  Art DVD tutorials like that of the Gnomon Workshop will guide me in treating my project with a professional and an industry standard approach.

For further visual referencing, I will be looking into movie title sequences which incorporate motion graphics, dynamic camera works and editing patterns. I have chosen this technique in order to attempt placing my 2D concept visuals in an environement where I can create a dynamic depth of field, using Aftereffects.


My schedule is fairy designed in a way where I know my workshop days, festival days, breaks and other important events to be noted. Color coding the respective events will help keep track of any important upcoming events. Having this attached to my journal will enable me to keep track on a regular basis, ensuring I have my work in place.

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