Wednesday, February 8, 2012

SS2- Difference b/w Beat Boards & Storyboards

Beat boards are distinct from storyboards. It represents a series of single drawings that depict a scene of the movie. It is similar to a children's book illustration wherein a single picture tells a complex story. It primarily serves as a guide for a director to pitch his story to the people involved in the making of the film. Beat boards can also be a form of art direction in which the shot is staged and given a color ambience with simple dabs and not necessarily detailed sketching.

Beat Boards/Color Scripts

Evidently, it represents the color scheme of the scenes in the film which can be
supported with variation in styles or colors
Sample- Beat board of last scene from 'Toy Story 3'
A painterly styled effect with finesse which can be seen from the brush style.

 The above image is a simple example of a storyboard which shows an intricate breakdown of actions taking place in a scene. The drawings will reflect the early ideas of what characters will look like, what the backgrounds and scenery will be some idea of dialogue, emotions ,and a general feel of the animation process.

PIXAR's Storyboarding Process with a comparison
between the pre visuals and the final output

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