Friday, February 17, 2012

SS2- Early Inspirations

An animated short I first watched back in 2007 during my diploma course in animation. I remember a showcase by a couple of people from Griffith Film School Australia, where 'Tarboy' was screened. And until today, this short is embedded in my mind for it's brilliant and original storyline, adrenalin pumping score and it's visual style.

This short consists of my primary thematic inspiration which I would like to incorporate in my final project. The theme mainly revolves around vengeance which is stimulated through deception. I am captivated by the idea of a surreal world of non organic beings which have powerful stories behind their existence and tragedy. I too hope to use an unusual genre of characters to tell my story which will be supported with an appropriate music score and strong visuals.

Tarboy is typically a hero's journey wherein a being made of tar holds the souls of millions of deceived robot slaves who are seeking revenge for their dreadful mishap. During his quest for revenge, 'Tarboy' faces and overcomes several obstacles his way until he encounters an even bigger force that knows his weakness which ultimately leads to Tarboy's death. However, at the point of anticipating the end of the story, there comes a twist where we discover that a part of Tarboy is still existent and still seeking his unfinished quest for vengeance....the end? 'Tarboy 2' is in the making....

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