Thursday, February 9, 2012

SS2- Micro Project: Compositing

To warm up my skills in Compositing, I decided to approach Matt, from my Uni's technical department who has sound knowledge on the technicalities of film making. My aim was to understand the practicality of using an ideal software for the technique of Compositing and understand which is demanding in the market of Animation and VFX. This in turn, would help me use the same for my final project. 


Amongst the softwares available, After Effects is the ideal pick not only because of it's user friendly interface but it's flexibility too. Having past experience using Apple Shake, no other new versions were released after it's first and therefore it's usage stats has almost died in the market. Nuke on the other hand has found it's niche in the market with it's flexibility and extensive tools, which also makes it more time consuming to learn in comparison to After Effects. Hence my pick is the latter.


Making use of the Uni's Editing Suite
Testing out Green Screen Removal and Compositing a
Live Action Footage onto it.

Background image of Tokyo that will replace the Green Screen.
(Non edited)

Live Action shot that is captured on Green Screen. Using After Effects, the screen will then be replaced with the Tokyo background, having this live action footage as the foreground. There is a very basic 2 point light set up around the boy. Additional lighting effects can be added onto the software itself.

The final composited video is more edited that what it actually looks.
The key essentials to have a well balanced image is
1) Color balance 2) Lighting 3) Depth of field

In addition to replacing the green screen with Tokyo background, the image has been intensely color corrected to give the billboard ambience effect on the live action footage on whom the lighting was decided before shooting, to match the electro lit background. In addition to the original lighting in the live action footage, an extra rim light has been placed behind the boy to prevent his hair from blending into the background which was originally dark. Also, the original sharpness of the billboards in the foreground have been blurred to give a good depth of field, preventing flatness of the image. The live action footage has also been reposition and slightly scaled to fit into the scene at an appropriate angle. I can play around a lot more with a single image like this one to achieve believability.

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