Sunday, February 26, 2012

SS2- Micro Project: Green Screen & more Compositing

In the process of compositing, when working on a shot that requires green screen, it is imperative to have the background image/plain ready prior to lighting the subject on green screen. This is because essentially, the lighting of the subject has to match with the background lighting. Once the green screen footage and background are put onto the compositing software, additional adjustments can be made to the footage like depth of field, camera movement, extra lights, effects etc.


Over here, I demonstrate myself as the subject to be lit and added to a background. I have a basic 2 point lighting set up on either of my sides making sure that the highlight and shadows on my face sync with the provided background image of the 'Tokyo scene'.


The 'Tokyo' background that will replace the green screen.
The lighting set up around me fundamentally matches to
the lighting of this background. 

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