Friday, February 17, 2012

SS2- Rough Concept Doodle

Being at the earliest stage of conceptualizing my story, I doodled out a visual that would help me derive further inspiration for my story. Kept it simple, yet with a meaning behind it. 

The digital sketch depicts my caped crusader 'hero' who has been robbed off something of great value to him or rather who has been deceived by a devious antagonist.

The hands could represent 2 things: either his entrapment between his conscience and reality, or its just simply an evil force that is attempting to suppress him from his quest for revenge.

I intend to use a shadow character who's identity can be defined either through use of significant shapes:Eg: his cape and hood, or a color on his body. Similarly, the antagonist will have a distinct attribute in the form of a shape or color.

The colors are bold and loud. Hopefully with further concept art experimentation, I am striving to achieve the feel of a graphic novel.

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