Monday, February 27, 2012

SS2- Finding a narrative style

As I'm trying to work on the narrative style for my film, I decided to look into various movie title sequences that use a single camera movement. Particularly in similar lines to a mis-en-scene with a combination of choppy animation rather than conventional crisp frame by frame. This is because I wanted to focus more on the art work aspect of my film rather than the animation. Therefore, I decided to look into approaches that could enhance my story using camera and fx animation to an extent, ensuring the story has pace.

What particularly appeals to me about this piece is of course the use of a combination of single camera movement and it's unique transitions using characters or elements to cut from one shot to another.

 After having dissected this piece, I am able to visualize another style of narration in the form of a Graphic Novel. A graphic novel with motion. Which led me to realize my research on narrative style doesn't stop here.

I then decided to find out if any graphic novels did exist in the form of animation. Instead I stumbled upon this which although may not be what I'm looking for, does give me a clearer picture of telling a story through still images. Like any conventional story, this trailer flows in a logical sequence giving us viewers an exposition of the graphic novel. What I need to keep in mind is, every visual must be strong enough that it doesn't require too much dialogue to spoon feed the events taking place in the story. 

It always helps talking to people specially from University. I had a talk about my project aim, with my tutor and a former student from my Uni. They suggested I look into motion comics which I had actually never heard of. And this one in particular really convinced me that I can create a graphic novel in motion. This video in particular is of a large scale production with a massive team. However, I can make my project achieve this with minimum animation and less complex scenes. At least now, I am assured that even a little suggestion of movement can make a still image look interesting.

As I am working with a group of Junior Animation students to help me with certain aspects of my project, I made sure to clearly explain to them with the help of my video references that what I am out to achieve. One of the students did a good job of actually finding this video which comes closest to what I want to achieve for my project. This piece comprises everything. Great visuals, colors, camera movement, subtle animation and narration. I now, have a vivid idea of what I need to do with the project and how to exploit my resources. 


On the basis of my thorough video research, I want to create a film in the style of a Graphic Novel using original score and voice narration to carry the story forward. The art work will comprise of still images with use of 3D camera in post production to create depth of field. In addition, my animation aspect will come into certain elements from my images. Particularly EFFECTS ANIMATION and Camera movement will be the medium to give pace to my story apart from the concept visuals and imagery. In the end, the final product may look like an animatic to some, however, the story genre and stylization will be in the form of a Graphic Novel.

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