Thursday, March 22, 2012

SS2- Visual Storytelling & Early Concepts

Learning to tell stories through pictures rather than words
Renowned artist Ian McCaig from GNOMON, elaborates the process of Visual Storytelling

Having viewed the above tutorial, I applied the similar visual storytelling procedure to my concept. The process is very straightforward. One does not need to work in a linear pattern where the shots are arranged in it's final place. The idea is to put down our imagination onto paper through a series of sketches in different papers without giving preference to logical sequencing of events. It is not about accuracy. All one should have is the idea of the story, and develop solutions for the narrative through random drawings. Towards the end, the papers can then be arranged according to your desired sequence for your story. Therefore, prior to my storyboarding process, I underwent this procedure to flesh out key events from my story.

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