Thursday, March 22, 2012

SS2- Planning & Pre-Production

From the initial stage of the project, I knew I wanted to make this project more collaborative, ensuring I play a major role in areas I am interested to specialize in. I therefore confirmed my plan of action by finalizing my team and delegation of roles.

I have defined my area of interest and specialization to be: Story,Visualisation & Conceptual Art. In addition, I play the major role of 'Directing' my team and to create communication between us, ensuring all work is in progress. 

For my screenplay and music, I have decided to collaborate with 2 old friends from the film school I went to; Arjun & Advait who are living overseas. Arjun's flair of writing will help flesh out my story better. Advait being a professional 'music director' is not only quick with his compositions but can define genres well. However, the risk of involving people living overseas is primarily communication gap. I therefore, need to ensure constant correspondence using skype, facebook and any useful means of communication.

For my FX, 3D elements & Compositing, I decided to involve a few of my juniors Awath, Memoona, Musawir & Keanu. Reason being there are different form of effects use for my story which requires a lot of investment of time. I therefore don't want to burden one person with all the effects. Hence, the shots are divided between 4 people ensuring quality output. I have therefore created a facebook group to constantly post updates of research and work in progress and meeting arrangements.

My Specialist Study 02 Group on Facebook set up
for communication between effects team members 

To get cracking with the storyboarding process, I decided to involve a junior, Beatrice, to help me speed up the process as I am generally slow with my compositions. So I made it a point to meet up during the week to sit together and roughly sketch out the scenes. In addition, I work alongside my scriptwriter via skype to update him with the storyboards and tweak the draft further.

We began with the rough stage of the boards to quickly give a structure to my story making sure we incorporate the details included in the draft of my script. Below are the thumbnail sketches based on the 'First Draft' of my the script.


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