Friday, April 6, 2012

SS2- Advice from a Professional

Cinematographer, Jon Wood made a visit to the University campus to give

us a workshop on lighting a scene. I took the opportunity to get a practical demonstration from him on the kind of lighting I intend to use for my project. In addition, had the privilege to have a one to one discussion of my project, receiving valuable suggestions and inputs, therefore involving him in the process. In the end, made it a point to not only earn his last business card left but also have him as a LinkedIn contact.
Sharing the experience on linkedin

One of the subjects he introduced in our discussion was 'Lith Photography'.
He suggested I looked into this style of photography particularly known for it's approach of creating sharp contrasts to give a 'Noir' visual. I can then incorporate a 'Noir' ambience for my story as it will suit the theme. Some of the samples I found are below.


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