Friday, April 6, 2012

SS2- Deriving technique from inspiration

Looking through some of Yens work, I stumbled upon one in particular that showed a painting technique which I was familiar with but did not apply practically to my work. I asked Yen about the method he used to finished this piece and I came to realize that this was an efficient way to make the visual stand out more on screen. 

Work of Chen Hui Yen
The link to this art work can be originally found on his deviantart page link,

This technique is particularly relevant to me, as I will be using a monochrome color palette for my visuals. Therefore, instead of intricately painting different values of a color to my characters, I can paint using Black and White with grey as a neutral tone, making it easier to notice true values of highlights and shadows. I then add a new layer of a single base color above the Black & White layer ensuring I enable the 'Blending Mode' on the color layer. This can be further understood from the test and screen shots I've done below.

Testing out Yen's technique as above, but using a simple monochrome palette
to compare and see which technique is least time consuming
but with favorable results.

1) Manually applying different values of Purple using a brush with 100% opacity. True colors but time consuming when trying to achieving sharp contrasts.

2) After painting a monochrome layer of B&W using a 50% brush opacity, I then added the color purple over the B&W layer with the 'Overlay' blending option. This method makes the contrast pop out better and is also more efficient when working with B&W values.

3a)  Similar to test 1, but only using a brush with lesser opacity. This would be quite a time consuming technique to create highlights as it will take a lot of intricacy to play with different values of purple.

3b) Similar to test 3a but instead creating shadows. 

Therefore, the idea technique would be step 2 as it not only gives a desirable effect but much more easier to play with in terms of color values.

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