Friday, April 6, 2012

SS2- Finding a muse

In the midst of my research for visual stylization, I fortunately came across a series of Concept Art Illustrations displayed in the reception area of my University. An array of illustrations were set up by the students of the Illustration department. 

'Chen Hui Yen' is amongst one of the students who specializes in Movie Pre-Production, particularly Concept Art. Instantly grabbed my cell phone to capture some of his work below. I then approached the Illustration tutor 'George Hart' to enquire about getting in touch with his student. I fortunately discovered that Yen works most of the time in the same computer lab as I do. Didn't really take too much of stalking to get in touch with him. I managed to track several website links of his work and also took the opportunity in University to personally ask him about his painting methodologies. Probably then I could incorporate his technique to my work if it suits me.


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