Friday, April 6, 2012

SS2- Micro Project: Technique of Painting

After talking to the student illustrator about his work process, I picked up the same technique and applied it using my own method by applying it onto a screen grab I took from a movie, as the shot was matching the ambience of the first scene of my film.

Before the application of Yens technique, I tested out the method with a color palette test. In addition Figure 3 depicts my own technique which I usually practice for most paintings. In the end I decided to you the combination of both the techniques wherein I would use my regular painting approach(Fig 3) for the backgrounds and Yens approach (Fig 2) for my characters. Reason being, Yens approach of using color over a black & white layer enables the image to stand out in a more graphic style, which suits the mood of my story which is of a graphic novel theme.
Movie still from Sweeney Todd (2007)

My photoshop version depicting the conversion of the original image
into Black and White and then coloring over it using the technique I tested above using the purple monotones. 

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